Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fresh organic produce vs junk food

I have been closely monitoring a lot of the products that I've been buying in the supermarket. I'm not only watching my budget very closely but I'm also really trying to feed my family healthy organic foods as much as the budget allows. I know with our economy right now, a lot of people are trying to manage their budget but how far would we go with stretching our budgets? Lately, I've been trying to get as much fresh organic produce as I can. When I start buying those and feeding my kids with the good stuff before we go to the "other treats" then it really gets them used to eating healthier stuff rather than starting to eat the sweets and chips before the actual meals. I know we are spending as much money buying junk foods as buying fresh fruits and vegetables. I'm most certainly not a SAINT on this. I still give my kiddos treats but I'm trying to make it a lot more harder for them to get it but NOT BUYING THEM ALL THE TIME. And it really makes a big difference. It's absolutely hard to say no to them when it's just right on the cubbords. I've also noticed that my kids eat more when they're eating healthy foods and I don't feel bad giving them more food because it helps them grow.

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